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One on One Wire Wrapping Classes

Our classes are hands on. We believe in the concept: you learn it by doing. You will learn in a One on One environment.

All you have to do is to pay a fee and we do everything else. We provide you with all the materials and tools you will need for class. Cabochons, silver, pliers, hammers, files, sand paper, wires etc. Coffee, tea and cookies too J

Classes are in blocks of two hours. Prices are per person:

  1. $86 per block and per person, if in a group of 3 or more.

  2. $120 per block and per person, if in a group of 2.

  3. $150 per block if in an individual class.

I highly recommend doing a class in a small group, 3,4 people. You end up learning a lot more, just by observing others working, and listening to their questions and problems.

I have a very busy schedule but has a former Art teacher I love to teach classes, so you just have to email me with either a request for participating in a group I put together, or you can organize a group and we just have to decide on dates.